Sweetie Kitties :: Original Set

"The most brushably beautiful pets of all!"

Sweetie Pups and Sweetie Kitties were produced by Hasbro from 1989-91. There were two distinct lines of the Pups and Kitties; the original line, which was quite realistic, and the Party Time line which used a bright rainbow of colours. There was also series of Baby Pubs and two playsets released.

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Sweetie Kitties ~ Set 1

"The cutest kitties of all, with long, pretty hair for brushing and braiding! Four beautiful breeds in all - Angora, Long-Hair Tabby, Persian and Birman. A Brush or comb, award ribbon barrette and fabric ribbon come with every Sweetie Kitty."

There were four Kitties in the original series. Each one came with a hair-clip, ribbon and brush or comb The brush was mouse-shaped and the comb had a cat on the top.

  • Angora
  • Long-Hair Tabby
  • Persian
  • Burman

Sweetie Kitties ~ Set 2

Four more kitties were added to the second series.

  • Long-Hair Tiger
  • Himalayan
  • Tortoise Shell
  • Calico


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Sweetie Kitties :: Original Set