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"A fairy tale world of pixietail magic!"

Lady LovelyLocks was produced by Mattel from 1987-89. The dolls were 8.5 inches tall, with long, colourful hair and each came with Pixietails - small plastic animals with long silky tails which could be clipped to hair or clothes. There were also pets, playsets, clothes and a cartoon series as well as lots of releated merchandise.

Lady Lovely Locks was sold in several countries under two different names:

  • UK & USA: Lady LovelyLocks
  • Europe: Dame Boucleline

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Original :: Pets & Friends [1986]

"Meet Silky Mane. She's the colourful horse of Lady Lovely Locks. And Silky Pup, her loyal and playful little dog. Silky Pup helps Lady Lovely Locks care for all the Pixietails. What fun Lady Lovely Locks has grooming her pets and styling their hair with lots of Pixietails!"

There were two pets released in the original series.

Silky Pup ~ Pixietails

  • Blue Bird with Yellow & Blue Tail
  • Purple Bird with Pink & Purple Tail
  • Yellow Bird with Yellow Tail

Silky Mane ~ Pixietails

  • Pink Bunny with Peach, Pink & Purple Tail
  • Blue Bunny with Yellow and Blue Tail
  • Yellow Bunny with Yellow and Pink Tail
  • Peach Bunny with Peach, Yellow and Orange Tail
  • Green Bunny with Yellow and Blue Tail

Enchanted Island :: Pets & Friends [1987]

"These cute cuddly creatures help keep the Pixietails looking their prettiest and guide Lady LovelyLocks to new fun and adventures!"

There were three sets of friends produced in the Enchanted Island series: Baby Dradons, Hide N' Peeks and Lilytops.

Baby Dragons

"Meet Bouncycurl, Merrycurl and Sweetcurl. They're the cute and cuddly keepers of the Pixietails! Bouncycurl keeps the Pixietails looking pretty! Merrycurl keeps the Pixietails looking happy! And Sweetcurl keeps the Pixietails looking sweet as can be! Each has a comb, brush, mirror and Pixietail!"

The Baby Dragons each came with a brush, comb, mirror, bow and one Pixietail.

Merrycurl Bouncycurl Sweetcurl

Merrycurl ~ Pixietails

  • Blue Mouse with Yellow & Pink Tail

Bouncycurl ~ Pixietails

  • Pink Mouse with Yellow & Green Tail

Sweetcurl ~ Pixietails

  • Yellow Mouse with pink & Peach Hair

Hide N' Peeks

"In the village between the Kingdom of LovelyLocks and Enchanted lsland, these three shy ones hide among the colourful flowers and shrubs. They're so bashful that they only peek out when their special friends. Lady LovelyLocks and the beautiful maidens an near. Then, they guide the maidens to Enchanted Island."

They each came with a headband, comb and one Sea Magic Pixietail.

Perkypeek Pearlypeek Sunnypeak

Perkypeek ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Yellow Bird
  • Pink Snail

Pearlypeek ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Turtle

Sunnypeak ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Pink Bird
  • Blue Fish


"When Lady LovelyLocks and her friends wandered toward Enchanted Island, they met these three water babies hiding under their lilypad hats! The Lilytops are always so full of fun and love to play in the water. Lady LovelyLocks and her friends love to take care of these pretty water babies in the magical Enchanted island. The Lilytops can even ferry the Sea Magic Pixietails around the waters of Enchanted Island!"

They each came with a hat and one Sea Magic Pixietail.

Lilybubble ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Pink Fish with Orange Tail

Lilysplash ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Peach Seahorse with Yellow & Peach Tail

Lilysprinkle ~ Sea Magic Pixietails

  • Aqua Turtle with Pink, Purple & Blue Tail

CurlyKittens / Palace Pets [1988]

"These pampered pets of Lady LovelyLocks love to have their silky hair and tails combed and styled! Pretty butterfly Pixietails and ribbons let little girls style the CurlyKittens for lots of fun new looks. CurlyKittens come either sitting up or lying down and each has the pretty scent of fresh flowers."

CurlyKittens (aka Palace Pets) each came with a bow, comb and one butterfly Pixietail (like Sparkle Pretty LLL). They were all floral scented.

Mattel re-used their moulds to make the kittens from the Little Pretty line after Lady LovelLocks ceased production in 1989. The main difference is that CurlyKittens don't have symbols, whereas the Little Pretty kittens do.

Creamy Coat Peachy Puff

Pinky Paws Purple Purr

Sapphire Shy Sunny Soft

Creamy Coat  ~ Pixietails

  • Purple Butterfly

Peachy Puff  ~ Pixietails

  • Aqua Butterfly

Pinky Paws ~ Pixietails

  • Aqua Butterfly

Purple Purr ~ Pixietails

  • Aqua Butterfly

Sapphire Shy ~ Pixietails

  • Yellow Butterfly

Sunny Soft ~ Pixietails

  • Pink Butterfly

French publicity shows three of the kittens pictured with accessories. I don't know anything about their sale.

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When you click links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Google AdSense.
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