The History of 24 Bath Street & 1-3 Market Place, Frome, Somerset

During the summer of 2021, Gorgon Stone Conservation was employed to perform what they thought to be a simple paint stripping job on a Georgian building in the centre of the town, only to discover three different layers of old signage underneath. The company carefully removed the paint to reveal a wonderful glimpse at some of the former lives of this unusual curved property, situated at 1 Market Place (formally 25 Bath Street) in Frome, Somerset. I was intrigued to know what I could find out about the businesses on the old signage, uncovering over 200 years of history, stretching all the way along from 24 Bath Street to 1-3 Market Place.

The Spinsters LEE | Victorian Photographs | Bristol

I have had in my possession a splendid pile of Victorian family photographs since 1993, originally discovered in the basement of the ground floor flat at 29 Logan Road, Bishopston, Bristol in the early 1970s by my parents. The flat was rented from one of two spinster sisters called LEE, one of which had been a Botanist. Only two of the photographs had names on and I wondered if I could discover any more.