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"Mix 'n match fashions...with a flip. With every twist you create a new look!"

Flip 'n Fancy were produced by Playskool in 1991. They were a series of little double-sided flat looking dolls (measuring about 4 inches high) which could twist in various places to create instant new looks. There was also three playsets produced.

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Single Dolls

There were 26 different dolls produced, 12 sold individually and 14 in pairs. One of the pairs of dolls were baby twins.

The two dolls below were made using the same mould.

Cute Coryn Trendy Wendy

The two dolls below were made using the same mould.

Beautiful Brittany
Starry Stephanie

The two dolls below were made using the same mould.

Playtime Paula
Rosey Renee

The two dolls below were made using the same mould.

Fancy Fallon Sweetheart Sadie

Classy Clarissa's mould was used twice again to make one half of the Fun Friends pair and one half of the Fancy Friends pair. Popstar Patty's mould was used again for one half of the Dancin' Duo pair.

Classy Clarissa Popstar Patty

The two dolls below were the only individually sold dolls with unique moulds.

Sweet Dreams Sara Dazzling Desiree

There was one set of twins produced, made using the same mould. They didn't have individual names.


Doll Pairs

Flip 'n Fancy dolls were also sold in pairs and came with a few small accessories each. Bridal Belles and Fun/Fancy Friends were also produced as black dolls with different names and coloured clothes (same moulds used though), making a total of twelve dolls sold in pairs.

  • Bridal Belles / Honeymoon Happiness - c/w suitcase, veil& top hat
  • Dancin' Duo - c/w guitar, mic on stand, hat
  • Fun Friends / Fancy Friends - c/w hat, handbag & puppy
  • Travellin' Twosome - c/w shopping bag and two hats

Bridal Belles / Honeymoon Happiness

The Bridal Belles were also produced as a black versions called Honeymoon Happiness. The colour of their clothes differed slightly.

Dancing Duo

The doll in the white jacket below was made using the same mould as Popstar Patty, whereas the doll holding the mic was made from a unique mould. They came with a guitar and mic on stand.

Fun Friends / Fancy Friends

Fun Friends were also produced as a white version called Fancy Friends. Their clothes were different colours but the accessories were the same. The doll on the left in the both the publicity shots was made using Classy Clarissa's mould. The pair came with a hat, bag and dog. Packaging shows that the Fancy Friend's hat was white on one side and blue on the other (not pink as shown).

Travellin' Twosome

The Travellin' Twosome came with two hats and a bag. Neither of these moulds were used elsewhere.

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Flip 'n Fancy :: Dolls