The Imaginary Boy

Inspired by the imagery invoked in the lyrics from “Three Imaginary Boys” by The Cure, I wondered what would happen if I placed whole sentences into an AI image generator with a few of my own tried and tested creative prompts. The results at first were nothing like I was expecting or wanted but after running through several different ideas I slowly filtered down to a few specific words from the lyrics with my now-altered creative prompts and began to see some wonderful images appearing.

Luna Visage

I really enjoy the process of starting with one idea and following it through to see where it will lead. I began by trying to create an image of a face sewn onto the moon which was harder to achieve than I thought. I tried many different combinations of prompts and although none are quite what I had in mind to begin with I’m happy with the results.

The Forgotten CV

I’ve been redesigning part of my website this weekend and giving some thought about what I want to do with all my various interests. I haven’t felt very creative of late and it’s been quite a long time since I did anything arty (excluding photography, but I’ve let that slip too). On going through some… Read More »

The Doll Room

A small, dark fur-lined room filled with hair-hung glowing dolls heads. This was part of my final fine art degree show in 1997.

Stocking Head

These dolls were actually part of an installation I did in my second year at uni on a Fine Art degree in 1996, entitled “The Girl Who Collected”. I hung them around the walls of dimly illuminated enclosed space.

Crayon Rantings

These A3 crayon drawings were christened “Rantings” by a fellow student at university back in 1996. They were part of a larger body of work which also included large fabric dolls made from 1970’s floral curtains.