Mushroom Hunting in Pound Wood, Daws Heath, Essex [Oct 2022]

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We made a special trip to Pound Wood in Daws Heath at the weekend to find fungus, and were not disappointed! The ground was carpeted with horse chestnuts and the trees were raining acorns.

I tried to identify all the different fungi discovered in the woods, and found over fifteen varieties! Far more than I realised at the time. Some species were quite hard to be absolutely sure of, so may be incorrect, and a few I haven’t been able to work out at all. They are a mixture of toxic and non-toxic, but even the edible ones can have side effects in some people. Personally, I would not want to risk it!

Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric)


Coprinopsis Picacea (Magpie Inkcap Fungus)


Leucopaxillus Rhodoleucus

Edible, but unpleasant.

Fistulina Hepatica (Beefsteak Fungus)


Coprinus Disseminatus (Fairy Inkcap)


Mycena Haematopus (Bleeding Fairy Helmet, Bleeding Mycena, Burgundy Dropbonnet)


Armillaria Borealis (Honey Fungus)

Edible if cooked properly, but can cause allergic reactions.

Russula Sardonia (Primrose Brittlegill)

Edible, but can cause stomach upsets.

Hypholoma Fasciculare (Sulphur Tuft, Clustered Woodlover)


Lycoperdon Perlatum (Common Puffball)


Mycena Rosea (Rosy Ronnet)