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"Scented'll love to wear around!"

Charmkins were produced in 1983-84 by Hasbro. They were tiny figures or animals, about an inch high and each came with a piece of jewellery, such as a hair comb, necklace or clip. There was also several playsets, various accessories, books and animated videos.

Charmkins were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK, & US: Charmkins
  • Italy: Pimpi Rosa
  • Holland: Dufti's

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Charmkins were available in several ways. Jewellery Playmates had seven figure in the first series and a further ten in the second. Twosome Jewellery Playmates had three figure in the first series and a further three in the second. There were seven characters which came with medium sized accessories/playsets and four which came with larger playsets. There was also one mail order character.

Jewellery Playmates

There were eight Charmkins produced in the first release, four dolls and three animals (two of which were sold together). Ten more Charmkins were then added in the second release, five dolls and five animals. The second release included a pony which resembles a My Little Pony Mommy Charm so closely it is often mistakenly thought to be one.

Blossom Brown Eyed Susan Hyacinthia

Lil' Tulip


Morning Glory

Pop Corn

Poison Ivy Sweet Beth Willie Winkle

Buttercup Busy Lizzie Beaver

My Pixie Pony Petal Pink Puppy

Poppy & Crocus

Rosie Raccoon Violet The Skunk


c/w Clip
Brown Eyed Susan
c/w Choker Clip
Lil' Tulip
c/w Ring
Pop Corn
c/w Button Clip
Willie Winkle
c/w Button Clip

c/w Butterfly Hair Clip
c/w Choker
Morning Glory
c/w Bow Hair Clip
Poison Ivy
c/w Balcony Necklace
Sweet Beth
c/w Hair Comb

c/w Keyring
Poppy & Crocus
c/w Hairband with Clip
Busy Lizzie Beaver
c/w Flower Clip
My Pixie Pony
c/w Clip & Necklace
Petal Pink Puppy
c/w Ring

Rosie Raccoon
c/w Choker
Violet The Skunk
c/w Hair Slip

Twosome Jewellery & Scented Playmates

There were three Charmkins released in the first set (two dolls and one animal), and three more dolls released in the second set. All were called Twosome Jewellery Playmates except for Bouncing Bet, who was labelled Twosome Scented Playmates.

Baby Sunshine Bunny Bunch Johnny Jump-Up

Bouncing Bet Lily Belle Twinkle


Baby Sunshine
c/w Bassinet & Clip
Bunny Bunch
c/w PetalPusher & Keyring
Johnny Jump-Up
c/w Lazy Daisy & Clip

Bouncing Bet
c/w Half Inch Worm & Tag
Lily Belle
c/w Sweetheart Swing
& Necklace
c/w Snowflower Swan & Hair Clip

Other Figures

There were four Charmkins which came with slightly larger jewellery accessories.

Sweet Bea Hunny Bunch & Sunny Bunch Lady Slipper


Sweet Bea
c/w Honey Bee & Necklace

Hunny Bunch & Sunny Bunch
c/w Sunglasses
Lady Slipper
c/w Wrist Dancer "Watch"

Playset Charmkins

There were four Charmkins released with larger playsets (three dolls and one animal). There was also one unreleased playset featuring two more Charmkins (one doll and one animal). For more information on the playsets see the Playsets section.

  • Blossom in Pajamas and Lil' Tulip in Pajamascame with the Jewellery House playset
  • ChrysantheMum and Whippoorwill came with the Whippoorwill Windmill playset
Blossom in PJ's Lil' Tulip in PJ's

ChrysantheMum Whippoorwill

There were three more Charmkins released with smaller playsets (two dolls and one animal).

  • Freckle Face came with the Secret Lollipop Patch Pocket Pop playset
  • MacIntosh Bear came with the Enchanted Apple Orchard Pocket Pop playset
  • Primrose Fairy came with the Magic Garden Pocket Pop playset
Freckle Face Primrose Fairy MacIntosh Bear

Mail Order Figures

There was one mail order Charmkin produced called Dragonweed - King of The Weeds. I don't know if it came with a story. Poison Ivy was also offered as a free figure in the same way before she was made availbale to buy in the shops.

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