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"The Legend from the Shimmering Forest. In a secret land of fantasy live beautiful creatures, wild and free. Their delicate bodies glisten like pearl...part woodland animal, part beautiful girl. To most of us they can barely be seen at dusk and at dawn, and not in between. But to those lucky few who wish they could be like a horse in a meadow or a mermaid at sea, this secret land is always in sight, and beautiful Shimmers will always shine bright."

Shimmers were produced by Kenner in 1986. Each set included a mother, baby, comb and one accessory. They came in five species; birds, butterflies, centaurs, deers and mermaids and had shimmery bodies and brushable hair. There were plans to release more Shimmers and two playsets in 1987 but they were never produced.

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"These 10 delightful friends share a most special quality - both the look of a sweet little girl and the graceful body of a woodland animal.  All 10 figures including Shimmers horses, deer mermaids, birds and butterflies, have dazzling iridescent pearlized bodies and are about 4-1/2 inches tall. Each had beautiful long, coloured rooted hair, perfect for brushing and styling. Each also wears a tiny removable fashion, adding more play and charm to the fantasy. The four legged Shimmers are articulated at the waist, and all heads can ne turned. Each Shimmers also comes with and adorable baby Shimmers. All figures come with matching pearlized combs. Watch as little girls everywhere bring the Shimmers fantasy to life."

There were 10 sets of Shimmer mothers and babies, making 20 characters in all. Each set came with one accessory (bow, skirt or sash) and a comb.

Birds Butterflies 
Plume & Baby Featherfluff Sunstreak & Baby Winglet Skylite & Baby Glider Wind Belle & BabyWhispy

Centaurs Deer
Clover & Baby Dapples Pepper & Baby Pearl Deerlene & Baby Doette Meadow & Baby Fauna

Marina & Baby Flutter Seaquin & Baby Splashy

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Shimmers :: Dolls