Fantasy Flyers: Celestial Princess

Fantasy Flyers

"You can make her fly!"

Fantasy Flyers: Celestial Princess were produced by Lanard in 1995-97 and were their version of Sky Dancers flying dolls. Rather than wings on their arms, they had skirts which opened up into four sections to catch flight when spun.

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1st Set [1995]

"Enter into the wondrous Celestial Kingdom where magical changes take place! When you place the Celestial Princess on top of her castle and pull the flag, her beautiful gown magically turns into wings. She will soar high above the kingdom, escape far into the clouds and journey to distant lands. Share the magical experience as you watch your Celestial Princess fly high and twirl back into your arms."

There were four dolls produced in 1995. Each one came with a castle launcher. The dolls had crowns or tiaras and moulded hair.

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Princess Brittany Princess Courtney Princess Sabrina Princess Tiffany

The back packaging shows the launchers to be the same as the production toys, but the dolls were slightly different.

2nd Set [1996]

"Our gowns magically turn into wings and twirl us high above the kingdom."

The second set to be release in 1996 used the same four names changed the colours.

[no image] [no image]
Princess Brittany Princess Courtney Princess Sabrina Princess Tiffany

Skylight ~ 3rd Set [1997]

"Watch our precious stone cast a magic light!"

There were four light-up Skylight dolls produced in 1997. Lanard used the same launchers as the 2nd series dolls. The Skylight dolls all had rooted hair and the stones on their chests lit up when spun.

Princess Diamond Princess Emerald

Princess Ruby Princess Sapphire

Fairykins Fantasy Flyers [2013]

Lanard re-used the base mould and four-wing skirt design for their Fairykins Fantasy Flyers set in 2013.

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