Sky Dancers :: Original

"They really dance and fly in the air!"

Sky Dancers were produced by Galoob from 1994-2000 when they were recalled for causing various injuries. They were a large series of ballerina-style dolls with foam wings under their arms, plus a "launcher" or stand. When the string on the launcher was pulled the doll would spin up and away with her wings opening up to catch flight.

They were sold in US, Japan, UK and other countries in Europe. In Italy they were produced by GIG (Ballerine Volanti), and Japan by Tsukuda Original (Fairy Princess). Japan also had some colour variations.

The line was re-issued in 2005, and again in 2013. There were a few "knockoff" brands too.

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Original Dolls

"It's time to fly away to the magical world of Sky Dancers, the beautiful ballerina dolls that really fly! With the help of their pretty launchers, you can send Sky Dancers soaring high into the sky! Just pull the launch cord and the doll raises her wings and twirls gracefully toward the sky."

These dolls came with either a flower, moon, dolphin or jungle (later addition) launcher. Most were sold separately, but there were also twin pack with other dolls in.

There was three different bodice types and six different wing patterns used.

There are a selection of unknown dolls towards the bottom of the page.

Flower Launchers

The individual dolls had moulded flowers on the top of their bodices. The launchers looked like tree stumps with large flowers on the top.

April Blossom

Sky Dancers

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose had the same launcher as Rose Blossom.

Sky Dancers

This variation has plain flowers on the launcher rather than metallic (possibly from Japan).

Rose Blossom

Rose Blossom had the same launcher as Crystal Rose.

Sky Dancers


This doll was released in 1996 and was also sold in Italy (with the same name).

Twin Packs ~ Crystal Blossom & Ivy Rose

There were two twin packs produced. The Crystal Blossom/Ivy Rose pack was featured on back packaging and in the original publicity material.

Twin Packs ~ Ivy Rose & Sea Crystal

This Ivy Rose/Sea Crystal set I'm not sure about. It has the dark logo colouring and a completely different Ivy Rose.

Sea Crystal (right) was also sold with a sea launcher. The purple Ivy Rose (left) has the simple bodice swirl of the moon launcher dolls.

Twin Packs - Japan

The colouring on the dolls and launcher are unlike anything released in the US. The pink doll and launcher were also sold separately.


This doll has the same colour launcher as the less common purple/pink Ivy Rose twin pack featuring Sea Crystal. I've seen this doll/launcher set together more than once.

Jungle Launchers

These two sets were later additions. The dolls had one bent knee and the launchers had a lion at the base and a giraffe's neck up the middle.


Sky Dancers

Fern was also sold in Italy with the name "Rosa".


Reenie was also sold in Italy with the name "Regina".

Moon Launchers

There were four single packs and one twin pack with moon launchers. These dolls had a simple swirl pattern on the tops of their bodices.

Dusty Moon

Dusty Moon was sold in Italy with the name "Raggio di Luna" (Moon Beam)..

Moon Shimmer

I've also found Greek packaging for this doll.

Star Beam

Star Shimmer

I've also found the Italian and Greek packaging for this doll. In Italy she was called Smeraldina (Emerald).

Twinpack ~ Moondance & Star Dazzle

Moondance's bodice was made from the same mould as the single flower launcher dolls.


The colouring on the doll and launcher are unlike anything released in the US. It was also sold in a twin pack.

Unknown Launcher

Where does this gold coloured moon launcher fit in (has Moon Shimmer on the top)?

Sea Launchers

There were three individual sets (plus one colour variation) and one twinpack. Most single dolls had a moulded swirl pattern on their bodices. The launchers were shaped like two dolphins riding a wave.

Misty Sea

Misty Sea had the same launcher as Nova Star and Sea Crystal. She had a simple swirl pattern at the top of her bodice (like the moon launcher dolls).

Nova Star

I've found two versions of Nova Star. The first one has the same colour body, wing pattern and launcher as Misty Sea (above) but is a white doll with purple hair.

This version has a unique launcher colour and doll, and the doll may also have been sold with a butterfly launcher with the Pretty Scents line (yet to confirm with packaging).

Sea Crystal

Sea Crystal had the same launcher as Sea Misty This doll was also sold in one of the the flower launcher twin packs.

Sea Starr

The correct version of Sea Star is the purple/pink one, but I've also found two green toned dolls and launchers. These are actually Crystal Shell and Sea Sparkle (plus launcher) from the twin pack simply re-packaged in Sea Starr's box. Perhaps there were several twin packs left over and were more easily shifted as individual dolls using pre-printed boxes? Or perhaps there was an error during the packaging process and the wrong dolls were put in the wrong boxes?

I've also found Greek packaging for this doll.

Crystal Shell & Sea Sparkle

Both Crystal Shell and Sea Sparkle (plus launcher) were re-packed and sold as Sea Crystal for some reason. Crystal Shell had a simple swirl pattern at the top of her bodice and Sea Sparkle had the full bodice swirl.

Here they are packaged up in Sea Starr's box.


The Japanese sea launcher and doll are very similar to Sea Crystal. It may well have been sold in a twin pack like the flower launcher and moon launcher were.


I have also come across a sea launcher with pink base, silver dolphins and blue shells.


These images are from 1995 and show the first six sets of individual dolls and three twin packs to be produced.

This images is from back packaging, showing a selection of the individual dolls. The twin packs were the same as above.


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