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"A first dress-up doll that's easy to dress! Just pop her in her clothes and she's ready to go."

Sweetie Pops were produced by Playskool in 1986. It was a very small series of little 5 inch dolls with a unique design feature. The dolls themselves, when undressed, where non-poseable in a kneeling down position, but when their specially designed outfits were "popped" on they changed shape completely and had moveable arms and legs and measured over 7 inches tall. There were also a few separate fashion-body outfits produced.

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There were four dolls produced, two of them being variations of the same doll (a white version and a black version of "Party Time").


Ballerina came with a tutu, floral hair piece, small fabric item item (unsure what it is), a ballet slippers case, brush and a fashion-body with a dance outfit on.

Party Time

Party Time came with a party hat, gift, apron, handbag, brush and a fashion-body with a party dress on. Although the white and black versions accessories were the same the colours differed.

School Time

School Time came with a satchel, briefcase, brush, waterproof cape and hat and a fashion-body dressed in a sailor style dress.

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Sweetie Pops :: Dolls