Furrever Friends :: Plush

"Furrever Friends are the hottest new way to get all dolled up with style!"

Furrever Friends were a short lived series produced by Kenner in 1987-88, with more toys planned but unproduced. The plush toys had velcro attached tails which could be extended to any length affordable via "Tail Toppers", while the Clip n' Tail series had plastic bodies which when squeezed would open up the front paws so they could clip onto things

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Furrever Friends

"Introducing Furrever Friends stuffed animals. The newest fashion fun sensation. They' re adorable friends that are gonna make you look great. Just comb their fabulous long fluffy tails. Dress them in their own bows and accessories. Then mix and match their tails for miles and miles of fun. Furrever Friends are the hottest new way to get all dolled up with style!"

Furrever Friends

There were six plush toys produced. They each had a ten inch tail plus two more tails which were attachable by velcro and also came with a small plastic cat shaped comb which could be looped onto their tails, and three ribbons.

  • Blushytail [pink body & tail]
  • Honeytail [yellow body & tail]
  • Powdertail [white body & tail]
  • Posietail [purple body & tail]
  • Rosietail [white body with pink patches, pink tail]
  • Snowytail [blue body & tail]








I've come across two styles of packaging. The square type is the older version.

Furrever Friends

This style is octagonal and included a special offer for a video or cassette of the hit song "You're a Sensation!".

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Furrever Friends :: Plush