"Soft animal friends with a real watch inside!"

Watchimal were produced by Hasbro in 1985/86. They were furry wristbands with animal heads, which when opened up revealed a digital watch. Alongside Watchimal came Wearimal, pairs of furry animals which could be clipped onto various things.

Images on this page thank to Nijirain, Watchimal Collectors Online Resource and eBay seller itsaclassic (or mine)!

Watchimals [1st Set ~ 1985]

"Just open his mouth and he'll show you the time! They're all soft animal friends with a real watch inside!"

The first series of Watchimals were released in 1985 and included 6 characters.

Bear Butterfly Elephant Mouse Peacock Toucan

1st Set Packaging

Watchimals [2nd Set ~ 1986]

The second series of Watchimals were released in 1986 and included 6 new characters. The 6 originals were also re-released making 12 in total.

Dog Dragonfly Goldfish Moose Snail Unicorn

2nd Set Packaging

Non US Watchimals

There were a few Watchimals sold in countries other than America which either had colour variations or were new characters.

These are UK variations or new characters I have so far found:

  • Butterfly [colour variation]
  • Ladybird [new character]
UK ~ Butterfly UK ~ Ladybird

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