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"Meet the Furskins...the cutest country critters you ever did see!"

Furskins were produced by Panosh Place from 1983 to the late 1980's and designed by Xavier Roberts (designer of the Cabbage Patch Kids). There were sixteen small, fuzzy poseable bears, six small plush bears and sixteen large plush bears too. They were all fully dressed, including hat and boots, and there was also separate clothing available plus at least one playset.

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Poseable Furskins were flocked and roughly 5" high. There were eight bears in the original series.

"Meet the Furskins...the cutest country critters you ever did see! Each one has a removable outfit includin' a hat and hickin' boots! All eight of these softly flocked and fully poseable Furskins bears are ready fur playin', collectin', or just plain havin' fun!"

  • Boone is the Bee Keeper
  • Dudley is the Store Manager
  • Fannie Faye is the School Marm
  • Farrell is the Postmaster
  • Hattie is the Baker
  • Jedgar is the Sheriff
  • Orville T is the bravest Aviator around
  • Selma Jean is the reigning Possum Queen

There were eight more bears added as their popularity grew.

'Welcome to Moody Hollow...a densely wooded area not many folks know about. Things were pretty durn quiet in Moody Hollow 'til the FURSKINS decided to set up shop! Suddenly, this sleepy little valley was filled with fun, thanks to a bunch of down-home country bears. Big'uns and little'uns. 16 in all! So mosey on over to Moody Hollow and say "Howdy" to the Furskin bears. They just love company! "

Bubba Cece Hank "Spitball" Junie Mae

Lila Clair Persimmon Scout Thistle
  • Bubba is the best 'tater farmer around
  • Cecelia can fix anything
  • Hank "Spitball" is ready for a game
  • Junie Mae loves to square dance
  • Lila Claire has ribbons in her hair
  • Persimmon is the Baker's Assistant
  • "Scout" (a.k.a. J. Livingstone Clayton) is a skilled scout
  • Thistle is the baby of the family

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