Light-Up Beamer Bear

"Squeeze my tummy and my face lights up!"

Light-Up Beamer Bear was produced by Lanard in 1988. They were a small series of 5 inch plastic bears which when squeezed would light up (just like the large Snugglebumms). They had curly, brushable hair and each came with a brush and ribbon. They are very similar to Lanard's Sunbow Hair Bears from 1984, but slightly smaller.

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These bears came in various colours, with jazzy symbols on their bellies. Their batteries were inserted through a flap on the base of their feet.

I've found five different coloured bears with patterened bellies.

I have also come across some light-up bears with plain bellies. I don't know if they are from the same line, so will place them here for the time being.


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Light-Up Beamer Bear