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"The little heart lights up!"

Hugs & Kisses (or Cuddles & Kisses) were produced by Hasbo/Giochi Preziosi in 1999 and sold in a few European countries. They were a series of small dolls with animal friends, and when the animals touched the dolls the little heart on their chest would light up. The animals could also be worn as a necklace charm.

  • Calins et Bisous - France
  • Coccole e Baci - Italy
  • Herzchen und Kusschen - Germany
  • Mimos y Besitos - Spain
  • Agapoúles kai Filákia - Greece

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There were 24 dolls with animals produced. The dolls measured about 8.5cm. There were six moulds, with four dolls to each design. There were also twelve different animals (two species per doll mould). Each pair came with a comb and necklace which the animal could be threaded onto.

Hugs & Kisses

I've organised the dolls by body type.

Pant Suit

This mould came with a bear or squirrel(?).

Alex & Otty Sarah & Teddy

Lella & Scroncy Terry & Cric

Romper Suit

This mould came with a lamb(?) or rabbit.

Julie & Pussi Mary & Lulu

Patty & Beo Roby & Pippo


This mould came with a koala bear or dog.

Ricky & Kitti Unknown Names

Tommy & Fufi Vanessa & Buck

Pinafore Dress

This mould came with a cat or bear.

Alice & Fru Valentina & Puffy

Bea & Lotti Jessica & Lilli

Sailor Dress

This mould came with a goat(?) or tiger.

Amy & Cipi Unknown Names

Chicca & Leo Emi & Teo

Top & Skirt

This mould came with a panda bear or puppy.

Francy & Lillo Nicol & Poppy

Lori & Bubu Milly & Pongo


Hugs & Kisses were sold in a few different European contries.

Calins et Bisous - France

In France they were produced by Giochi Preziosi.

  • "Un bisou du petit animal et le coeur de la poupee s'eclaire."
    (A kiss of the little animal and the heart of the doll is enlightened.)
  • "Adorable petit coeur lumineux."
    (Adorable little bright heart.)

Coccole e Baci / Herzchen und Küsschen - Italy & Germany

In Italy and Germany they were produced by Giochi Preziosi.

Mimos y Besitos - Spain

In Spain they were produced by Hasbro. I have translated the packaging as best I can.

  • El corazón de la muñeca se enciende cuando su mascota le da un besito!
    (The heart of the doll is lit when your pet gives you a kiss!)
  • El corazoncito se ilumina!
    (The little heart lights up!)
  • 24 munequitas que no pueden separarse de sus mascotas favoritas.
    (24 little gadgets(?) that can not be separated from their favorite pets.)
  • Ellas acarician, abrazan y dan besitos a su mascota y SUS CORAZONES BRILLAN DE FELICIDAD."
    (They caress, hug and kiss their pet and thier hearts shine with happiness.)
  • Y si acercas la cabez de la mascota a la mano izquierda de la muneca, ella la "acercara" para hacerle carinosos mimos.
    (And if you bring the head of the pet to the left hand of the doll, she will "approach" it to make you cuddly.)
  • Llevala siempre contigo!
    (Always carry it with you!)
  • La mascota se convierte en un colgante para que puedas ilievarla a todas partes.
    (The pet becomes a pendant so you can bring it everywhere.)


In Greece they were produced by Hasbro.

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