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"The bright,warm world of the Kindles!"

Kindles were produced by Ideal in 1985. They were a series of dolls with switches on their bases or sides that when turned on made their faces light up, or in one doll, its eyes light up.

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Light Up Dolls

"Inside a crystal mountain, in a land where rainbow rivers flow, live the kind-hearted Kindles, whose faces with goodness glow. Sparkli, the natural leader, is a brave and heroic beauty. Together she and the Kindles sing in perfect harmony. Their group, the Glow Notes chorus, sings their joy to everyone. With music and love, they grow honey buds. To the Kindles, even work is fun.
But Eyevil the wicked sorceress wants to end all this happiness. Eyevil is afraid of light, and lives in the dark forest of eyes where it's always night. To save the Kindles from this awful sorceress, the Lady of Light gave them the greatest gift - a brilliant inner light that shines within, a 'Kindlelight'!"

There were six light-up dolls (aprox. 6" high) which had a light-up face and eyes (see left), soft rooted hair and movable arms and head.

They each came with a jewelled necklace, crystal comb, removable cape and matching cap and their own unique accessory (listed below). Each doll also came with the same musical record and comic book (see Accessories).

  • Beami c/w frilly blanket
  • Flashi c/w shimmering purse
  • Glari c/w tiny harp
  • Gleami c/w glittering basket
  • Glorali c/w glimmer guitar
  • Sparkli c/w magical mirror

Beami Flashi

Glari Gleami

Glorali Sparkli

Deluxe Light Up Dolls

There were two deluxe light-up dolls which came with a different comic:

  • Lady of Light c/w jewelled case
  • Eyevil, The Wicked Sorceress c/w Eyebat Creature (Eyevil's five eyes lit up rather than her head)
Eyevil Lady Of Light

Lap Size Dolls

"Light-up necklace. Twinkles with a touch!"

There were three lap size dolls produced, which were smaller, soft-bodied versions of three of the light-up dolls. They each came with a removable child-sized necklace which light up when touched, a cape and cap.

  • Flashi
  • Glari
  • Sparkli

Flashi Glari Sparkli (missing cape)

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Kindles :: Dolls