The Light Up World of Everglo

"She really sparkles, glitters and twinkles in a magical world of light and colour!"

The Light Up World of Everglo was produced by Toymax in 1995. They were a series of small dolls about 3 inches high with fibre optics in their hair with would light up.

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"Your Everglo Doll is on stage. And you have the magical secret Heart Ring to make her light up in fantastic dazzling, swirling, sparkling colours! Have lots of fun playing with your Everglo Doll. Her head and arms are moveable and you can make her hair so pretty with her very own hair brush!
Collect all 6 sets, you will love each one! Each Everglo Doll comes with her own beautifully decorated heart-shaped Boutique Case with hidden drawers for her secret Heart Ring, special Magic Charm and Hair Brush. It's an Everglo world and it's so much fun!"

There were six dolls produced. Each one came with clothing, brush, ring, translucent magic charm and jewellery box.

The bottoms of the dolls feet were heart shaped, which would fit snuggly into the heart shaped hole in their jewellery boxes. The dolls could then light up when the button on the front of the box was pressed.

  • "Look! It's an Angel! Her fluttering wings and heavenly harp are all aglow with magical, gleaming lights."
  • "She's the beautiful Ballerina! Dazzling, shining colours flow from her head-dress and her pet Swan too!"
Angel Ballerina
  • "Here comes the Bride! She's so happy when her beautiful bouquet and wedding cake charm glitter and glow!"
  • "She is as enchanting Fairy! This lovable little Fairy has beautiful wings and a rainbow and harp charm that glitter and shine in enchanting colours!"
Bride Fairy
  • "Indian Princess! Her gorgeous head-dress and littlepony light up with a swirl of colour!"
  • "What a lovely Princess! Her majesty's gown and crown sparkle and twinkle for her entire kingdom to see!"
Indian Princess Princess

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The Light Up World of Everglo