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"Hug me and I light up with love!"

PJ Sparkles was produced by Mattel in 1988-1991. They were a series of large dolls with glowing accessories plus animal friends and an animated video. There were lots of other dolls produced around this time which bore a striking resemblance to one another, and are easy to misidentify at first glance.

PJ Sparkles was reissued in 2004 by Forever Young (at least one doll), and again in 2009 by Zizzle with one large doll and several small playsets with mini light-up dolls.

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PJ Sparkles

"An orphan with no last name, PJ has a special wish: "Someone to love." One night while out riding her faithful horse Blaze PJ gets her wish - and much more when the "Wishing Star" shines its magic light on the little girl and her horse. PJ is transported to the dismal gray world of Twinkle Town. There they meet three new friends, Glimmer, Glowee, and Sparks, three lonely children who live there and have been wishing for, "Someone to love us." The Wishing Star has turned Blaze into a noble, talking white charger and given PJ a crown that talks! Her waif's clothing has been turned into a brilliant, sparkling dress - which earns her a last name. She is now PJ Sparkles! And she's been given magic power - the most magical power of all - the magic of LOVE!"

PJ Sparkles was 15" tall and came with a pair of shoes, socks and a dress which could change lengths (party dress to night dress). Her hairbow, earrings, bracelet and chest heart would light up when a button on her back was pressed. She came in both a black and white version.

"PJ Sparkles is the 15" doll that lights up with "love" when she gets a hug! She has twinkling lights at her heart, bracelet, earrings, and hairbow. Daytime fun turns into nighttime play with dress chat changes into a nightie. Sparkling shimmer-shine bangs accent her long blonde hair which is fun to style and comb. Her shoes, socks, and lacy tie-on skirt are all removable for added fashion play."

PJ Sparkles [USA] PJ Sparkles [Euro]

Starbright Sparkles

"Another Shining star from the World of Sparkles! She's 15" of frilly and lacy fun that lights up a whole room with love. Hug her and light sparkles from her head to her toes! Her earrings, crown, waist, shoes, and heart all light up! And for a special surprise when it's dark, she projects a lovely light from her crown and fills the ceiling with stars, moons, and heart patterns. There's even a see-through Starbright Sparkles necklace for girls to wear! Girls hold it up and look to see rainbow bursts of colour sparkle everywhere. Daytime doll play turns into fashionable nighttime fun with a dress that transforms to a nightie. She has lovely long blonde hair for lots of hair play, too!"

Starbright Sparkles was similar to PJ Sparkles but with one big difference, rather than a bow she had a crown and when "hugged" it would light up and project out stars, hearts and flowers onto your ceiling or walls. She also had glowing earrings, chest heart and ankles. She came with a dress and lacey all in one under garment, plus a pair of shoes and socks. Like the original doll she came in both a black and white version.

Baby Sparkles

"PJ. Sparkles has a baby sis! She's the 13" baby doll who lights up with love when she gets a kiss! The more little girls love her the more she sparkles! A first kiss will light up the twinkling lights at her earrings and heart. Another kiss will light up her earrings, heart, and bonnet too! She loves to be cuddled and held and she'll even light up when she's fed. Lots of ways to make her twinkle! She lights up whenever her head is tilted back In a loving way! In addition to her twinkling lights, she has shimmery shine accents in her curly blonde hair. Daytime fun turns into nighttime play with a romper that changes into a full length sleeper with booties! She comes with a bottle too."

Baby Sparkles was 13 inches tall and came with a romper-suit with booties attached. When "hugged" her chest heart and tiara/bonnet would light up. Like the other dolls the baby came in both a black and white version. She was called "Baby Love Lites" in the original Mattel publicity material (before production) and in Europe she was called "Baby Twinkles".

Baby Sparkles [USA] Baby Twinkles [Euro]

Soft Dolls

"One night, little orphan PJ Sparkles rode her horse Blaze to the top of the highest hill. "Oh, how I wish for someone to love!". Starlight surrounded them and like magic they landed in Twinkle Town and met Glowee, Glimmer and Sparks - three children whose greatest wish was to be loved. They knew they would become best friends with many fun and exciting adventures to come."

There were four soft bodied dolls with plastic heads produced, plus a horse (see Pets). When "hugged" the hearts on their chests would light up. There was also a black version of PJ Sparkles produced.

PJ Sparkles Sparks

Glowee Glimmer

"Eleven-inch PJ Sparkles has a new soft body and a magical light-up feature! Her rainbow heart lights up with true love when she gets a hug! Removable fashion transforms from a ruffly dress to pajamas. And she has ultra-long blonde hair with rainbow bangs for hair play, too. Eleven-inch Glimmer, Glowee, and Sparks are new soft body friends who each have a magical light-up feature! With every hug, they each light up once with their own special glow. Girl Glimmer has a golden light-up sun that warms the world of Sparkles with fun and adventure. Girl Glowee has a lavender light-up flower that shows her ability to make everything beautiful. Boy Sparks has a blue light-up star he shines to keep this special world sparkling bright! Each doll is themed a different colour and wears a removable outfit that transforms from daytime play to nighttime pajamas. Girl dolls come with ultra-long hair. Boy doll comes with a visor. "

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