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"Glo Friends glow for hours!"

Glo Friends were produced by Hasbro and Playskool from 1982 into the late eighties. Along with the large plush Glo Worm, there were a series small glow-in-the-dark insects and other small creatures, plus books, cartoons and other various accessories.

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Glo Friends were produced by Playskool in 1986-88. Each one came with a little sleeping bag which had a button hole in so you could keep your Glo Friend close at all times! I have so far found 29 different miniatures Glo Friends.

There was a small series (just the 4 characters) produced at the same time called Glow-Glow Pals, but these were a copy-cat series and nothing to do with the Glo Friends line.

Glo Bonnie Beetle Glo Firefly Glo Flutterbug Glo Horsefly Glo Nuttybug

Glo Prayerbug Glo Sniffles Snail Glo Spider Glo Tootlebug Glo Worm

In 1989 American fast food chain Wendy's produced twelve of their own Glo Friends to promote their business. They were also sold in the shops.

Glo Bashfulbug Glo Bookbug Glo Bopbug Glo Bug Glo Butterfly Glo Clutterbug

Glo Cricket Glo Doodlebug Glo Grannybug Glo Skunkbug Glo Snail Glo Snugbug

Glo Friends with Animals

Glo friends & animlas (set name unknown) were a series of animals which came with their own Glo Friend, which could carry on their backs. The Glo Friends themselves were also sold separately, of which there were four. Dipper Duck was produced in both brown and yellow, yellow being the most common.

Bullyfrog and Glo Slugger Bunny Rabbit and Glo Garden Ant

Country Mouse and Glo Cappy Dipper Duck (plus colour variation) and Glo Waterbug

Playsets [3 character]

There were at least three playsets produced for the Glo Friends - a treehouse and two large pull-along animals. Each one came with its own Glo Friend. See the Playsets section for more information on each playset.

Glo Bedbug Glo Hopper Glo Shuttlebug

Other Glo Friends

This hard plastic little Glo Worm came exclusively with a My Little Pony called Baby Lickity Split in 1986.

This Glo Worm was a Squeeze Toy, produced in 1987. It was roughly the same size as the Glo Friends above.

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Glo Friends :: Miniatures