Puppy Dog Tails :: Single Adult Sets

Puppy Dog Tails were produced by MIG in 1998. They were a series of small dogs and puppies of various breeds with plastic bodies and fabric ears. There were also playsets.

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Images on this page thanks to Zelmaniai and Deseo Koirafiguurit!

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Single Adult Sets

There were twelve different breeds of dogs produced as adult figures. Each one came with a named collar and detachable lead, comb, tin of food, food bowl, ribbon and ID card. They were about 3 inches high. At leat three of these adults were released unchanded as part of the Mummy & Newborn sets.

Alsation "Trixie"

There was also a puppy produced for the smaller playsets.

Border Collie "Patch"

Chihuahua "Buttons"

There was also a puppy produced for smaller playsets.

Cocker Spaniel "Roly"

There was also a puppy produced for the larger playsets.

Dachshund "Sugar"

Dalmation "Lucky"

Golden Retriever "Honey"

There was also puppy produced, but don't know for which playset yet.

King Charles Spaniel "Susie"

Poodle "Duchess"

There was also a pink version produced for the larger playsets.

"Red Setter "Sherry"

Rottweiler "Smudgie"

"St Bernard "Pepper"

Animal Play Sets

Three different mother and baby sets were produced under the name "Animal Play Set" / "Dieren Speelset" in the Netherlands c.2011. The quality of the toy is not as good as the original versions, and they differed slightly too. They came with a small can of food, a small bottle and a stethoscope. They have the MIG 1998 markings as the original moulds were simply reused.


There were no Dobermen in the original line. It appears that the Red Irish Setter mould was simply re-used with different ears and colouring.

King Charles Spaniels

The KC Spaniel patches were more like the original St Bernard's. The puppy was made using the Cocker Spaniel puppy mould from the original large playsets.


The Poodles were a different colour from the original and playset releases. I'm guessing there must have been a poodle puppy produced for an original line playset, but have as yet to confirm this.

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Puppy Dog Tails :: Single & Newborn Sets