Shaggy Doggy Mommy

Shaggy Doggy Mommy

"Squeeze us and we squeak"

Shaggy Doggy Mommy were produced by M-Toys in 1987. They were a small set of yarn haired, plastic dogs and puppies blatantly based on Fluppy Dogs (which they are often mistaken for), and squeaked when squeezed. The toys had no manufacturers marks.

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Shaggy Doggy Mommy

"We want to be your pets! Please take us home!"

Each set came with one mommy, two puppies, red ribbons and a comb. They came in pink, yellow, orange and blue (all with white). The box shows the babies had two facial expressions, but I've also found two variations for the mommy's too. They were 3" high and 5" high.

These mommy's all have downward facing tongues. The blue one has more defined paws than the others and no squeaker hole in its belly - could this be an official Fluppy Dog?

These mommy's all have upward facing tongues.

These pups all have central tongues.

These pups all have central tongues but are slightly different in colour from their versions above.

These pups all have side tongues.

In order to squeak when squeezed, they had holes in the bellies. I have also found one that didn't have a squeaker, and it also had more details to its paws too.

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Shaggy Doggy Mommy