Research Booklet ~ The History of Belfairs Farm & Golf Course, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

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The fields at Belfairs Farm in Leigh, Essex were created by clearing woodland owned by Lady Olivia Bernard SPARROW between 1804-1842 and there is evidence to suggest there had been a farm there to manage the woods since the 13th century.

The land was originally part of the holdings of Leigh Manor, not changing until the death of Lady Sparrow in 1863 when her estates were sold and can be traced back through the family to Richard RICH, 1st Earl of Warwick, who acquired it from Henry CAREY, 1st Baron Hudson in the mid-16th century.

This A5 booklet contains 40 pages of fascinating information on each of the owners and occupiers of the farm during the 1800s, as well as that of Belfairs Lodge and Furzefield House, up to its subsequent sale and development into Belfairs Golf Course in the 1920s. It also includes contents and index pages plus several illustrations, photographs, maps and newspaper articles.

A mixture of history and genealogy, this booklet is a must for anyone with a connection to the Belfairs area in Leigh (or Hadleigh and Eastwood onto which it abuts), or simply enjoys a putt or two!

If you would like to learn more about the history of Belfairs Farm & Golf Course you can find it all in my research booklet available to buy from my shop here.


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