Turtle Tots :: Original

"Taking care of me is so much fun! Remove my soft shell! It's "

Turtle Tots were produced by Mattel in 1988. They were a series of plush baby turtles which came with a fabric shell with handles on so they could be carried. There were also a few accessories produced as well as the little playsets included with the Teeny Turtle Tots.

They were sold in the US/UK and France/Italy under varying names:
  • USA / UK: Turtle Tots
  • France & Italy: Tottles

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Original Turtle Tots

"Baby Turtle Tots are the shy baby turtles who need lots of love. But taking care of them is so much fun! These plush dolls in pastel colour combinations are full of huggability. Each has a removable shell that transforms into a cradle, diaper bag or carrier. Each also has a removable bonnet, diaper, and its very own feeding bottle."

There were six Turtle Tots produced. They each came with a bottle, removable bonnet, nappy and shell jacket. They were 24cm tall.

In France, Tootles was called Tina, Trenda was called Timmi, Torry was called Totta, Tutu was called Taffy and Trista was called Trisha. Only Tuggy's name remained unchanged. The publicity shot below shows Trenda with a different coloured shell from the US version.

Tootles - Salmon Pink Torry - Turquoise Trenda - Blue

Trista - Purple Tuggy - Orange Tutu - Yellow

Each Turtle Tot had the logo on their jacket including their name and a smaller "T" logo on their foot.

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Turtle Tots :: Original