Be Mores

"See a Be More, well it can be MORE! Double dinosaur fun!"

Be Mores were produced by Hasbro in 1987. They were a short lived series of large plush dinosaur which turned from one breed into a another via furry, velcro flaps.

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There were three different types of dinosaurs produced, each in two colour variations and all in both adult and baby sizes.

It seems as thought the adult version and baby versions shared the same name, the babies simply came with the prefix "Junior" (I may be wrong, as I have yet to confirm this with adult packaging). The colour variations had the same names, rather than being marketed as different characters.

Gusty & Gusty Junior

Gusty came in two sizes and two colours. The adult version (approx 16" long) had a piece of fur on its head and mouth which could be flipped over, as well as one on its back. The baby version (approx 10" long) just had a back flap.

Gusty ~ Yellow

Gusty Junior ~ Yellow

Gusty ~ Pink

Gusty Junior ~ Pink


Surprise & Surprise Junior

Surprise came in two sizes and two colours. The adult version (approx 12" long) had a piece of fur on its face which could be flipped down to create an entirely new face, as well as a flap on its back.The baby version (approx 8" long) only appeares to have had a flap on its back.

Surprise Junior ~ Blue

Surprise ~ Blue

Surprise Junior ~ Pink

Surprise ~ Pink

Shaker & Shaker Junior

Shaker came in two sizes and two colours. The adult version (approx 12" high) had a head flap, face flap, hand and toe flaps and a back flap. The baby version (approx 8" high) just had a back flap.

Shaker ~ Blue Shaker Junior ~ Blue

Shaker ~ Pink (stripy wings missing)

Shaker Junior ~ Pink

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Be Mores