Mystic Babies :: Figures

"Discover the secret world of baby dragons!"

Mystic Babies were produced by Mega in 2008-9. They were a series of colourful plastic baby dragons with brushable hair. The original sets came in eggs which transformed into little playsets.

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Mystic Babies

There were several sets of plastic dragons released.

Set 1 :: 1st Release

There were four dragons in the original set (plus one colour variation). They each came with an egg which transformed into a small playset, a hairbrush, dummy and once small accessory they could hold.


Aubretia was also sold in purple with red hair, but is much less common. The packaging's left illustration is also different from the blue version above.




Set 1 :: 2nd Release

These four characters were also sold without their accessories, but with clothing instead. They also each came with a brush and dummy (as before), plus one small accessory they could hold. They also each came with a tube of glitter glue to decorate their clothing with.

Aubretia Kasy

Leandra Sitera

Set 2

Four new characters were released, from now on produced with slightly different eyes.





Set 3

There were four new characters in this set, with a vehicle theme.





Mystic Gigglets

There were four Mystic Gigglets, all characters from the very 1st set. They laughed when their bellies were "tickled" and came with a brush and dummy each.

Aubretia, Sitera, Kasy & Leandra

Aubretia Kasy

Leandra Sitera


There were four scented dragons. They were fruit scented, and their wings would flap when their bellies were squeezed. I don't know the proper name for this set as it wans't printed on the packaging, neither were their names. It looks like they each came with a bruch and dummy.

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Mystic Babies :: Figures