Darlin' Dinos :: Large Figures

"Your true dinosaur friend!"

Darlin' Dinos were a short lived, but quite plentiful series produced by Meritus in 1992-93 (and Gig in Italy). There were three characters: Bronte, T Rexanne and Tri Sarah Tops which were used for each set made. They were about 4-6 inches high, produced in various colours and styles, and had long brushable hair. There were also several sets of miniatures and other various accessories produced.

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Large Figures

There were several different sets of large plastic Darlin' Dinos produced.

  • Gem Dazzlers
  • Snazzies
  • Dressy Dinos
  • Bendable
  • Mover Groovers
  • Sweet & Lovely
  • Sweet Talkers
  • Dino Babies
  • Clip-On Dinos
  • Other Figures [Unknown Sets]

Gem Dazzlers

Gem Dazzlers each came with a comb for their long brushable hair. They each had two gems on their chests and appears they were each produced in two colours. They were not poseable.


T Rexanne

Tri Sarah Tops


Snazzies each came with a pink comb and various pieces of clothing. They had moveable arms, legs and head and long brushable hair and all made from the same mould, which was just under 6 inches high. They were sold separately and also in pairs called Double Snazzies. I've found one colour variation of the Carnival figure.

There were no names on the packaging, so I have just added a descriptive name.

Carnival - Yellow Carnival - Orange

Inline Skating Snorkeling

Double Snazzies

[no image]
Cow-Girl & Inline Skating Snorkeling & Tropical

Dressy Dinos

Dressy Dinos each came with a comb and a different outfit. They had one gem on their chests and were not poseable, although their heads may have been able to turn.

Baseball Player Dino Doctor

Happy Birthday Time For Bed

I don't know the proper names for these dino's yet.

[Clown?] [Cow Girl] [Beach] [Princess?]


Bendable dinos could be bent and posed. They didn't come with a comb.

Mover Groovers

Mover Groovers were wind-up toys and came in three styles - racing, skateboarding and crawling.

Bronte - Dancing T Rexanne - Skateboarding Tri Sarah Tops - Crawling

This line had was sold in two different types of packaging.

Sweet & Lovely

Sweet & Lovely dino's were about 12 high and had moveable arms, legs and head. They came with a comb, jacket and hat. There were at least three produced.

Sweet Talkers

Sweet Talker dino's were about 7 high and had a jewel on its chest which when pushed would make it talk. They came with a comb and a hat and had moveable arms. I currently know of three, and they all said "I'm So Cute", "I Love You" and made roaring sounds.

Dino Babies

There were four Dino Babies dated 1993, measuring three to four inches high. They were sold in pairs or individually, and came with one comb. The packaging illustration named them as "Baby Dino" (siting) and "Baby Saur" (standing).

Clip-On Dinos

I've found two clip-on figures so far. They were thre inches tall with moveable heads.

Other Figures

This hard plastic glittery looks to be over 5 inches high. Did it light up?

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Darlin' Dinos :: Large Figures