Blooming Dolls

Blooming Dolls were produced by CapToys in 1987. They were a small series of cloth dolls attached to a fabric sleeve so they could be used as puppets, and when turned inside out (much like Popples) would turn into a flower pot. They were CapToys first product, which sold so badly it almost caused the company to flop.

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I have so far found twelve different Blooming Dolls. There appear to be some made with plastic eyes and some with printed eyes. They also came in two sizes (girl dolls and baby dolls). The larger dolls were about 15 inches high and when flower pots about 8 inches high. Their dresses were removable.

Dolls with Printed Eyes

Purple Pot Doll (missing her dress) Pink Pot Doll (missing her dress)

Red Pot Doll & Light Pink Pot Baby Doll Yellow Pot Doll

Blue Pot Doll Orange Pot Doll

Dolls with Plastic Eyes

Light Yellow Pot Doll Pink Pot Doll

Purple Pot Doll Bright Yellow Pot Doll

Blue Pot Doll

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Blooming Dolls