Blooming Babies

"Sweet Scented!"

Blooming Babies were produced by Toys 'n Things (aka Toy Things) in the early 1990's and were a small series of dolls in flowered dresses and headbands.

The company released several sets of scented (and non-scented) dolls from 1991 to 1995, when Strawberry Shortcake was re-issued, and then again in 2000. In fact, the dolls were so similar to SSC that they often get mistaken for them now.

There are also a few as yet unknown TNT dolls, maybe you can help identify them?

Images on this page thanks to Strawberry Shortcake 1991 and eBay sellers katrina9799s-household-variety and lavenderladee80!

Blooming Babies

There were at least six Blooming Babies dolls produced. They came with an attached headband and removable dress, but no tights or shoes. Each doll had a different symbol on their right cheek.

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Blooming Babies