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"Meet the Rose Petal Place dolls, that look and smell like beautiful flowers!"

Rose Petal Place was produced by Kenner in 1984. They were a group of scented, flower themed dolls, with petal dresses and floral accessories. There were also a few playsets and other related accessories. The doll molds were used again for Kenner's Bubble Belles in 1990.

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"Once upon a time, long, long ago, a little girl sat crying in her lovely garden. Her family was to move far away, and she would have to leave her beloved flowers forever. As she cried, she made one final wish through her tears. 'Live forever!' As her teardrops fell on the flowers, a miracle began to happen... the blossoms came to life as beautiful creatures, each with her own special personality. The little girl's wish had come true! Now the garden is filled with singing and happiness even when threatened by evil Nastina, the spider. The flowers and their friends know they will always triumph with love and live happily ever after."

There were six dolls in the original series, with six more due for release the following year but never produced. Each doll was 6-1/4" high and were articulated at the shoulders, neck and hips. They came fully dressed and also came with a purse, comb and posing stand.

Orchid, Rose-Petal, Lily Fair, Daffodil, Iris & Sunny Sunflower

"Rose Petal Place dolls are a group of characters each with their own unique personalities, hopes and dreams. Each doll is dressed in an elegant gown designed to suggest the flower her name represents. And each doll has a floral scent to match her own flower personality. Each doll has a beautiful hat with a teardrop jewel. This is all that remains of the loving child's tears which were shed long ago."

  • Orchid is the status seeker of the group. Her motto is "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping".
  • Rose-Petal is the star of the garden. She is pretty and talented. The only thing brighter that her sunny personality is her beautiful singing voice.
  • Lily Fair is a dreamer whose dream is to be a world-renowned dancer; she is sincere and dedicated and practices pirouetted and plies while the others are fast asleep
  • Daffodil is the garden business whiz. She's busy running the Bouquet Boutique but still finds time to put together a business deal or two on the side
  • Iris is the resident artist and a shy, creative flower friend. She's always trying to paint a still-life of the flowers at Rose Petal Place, but none of the flowers will sit still.
  • Sunny Sunflower is Rose-Petal's best friend. And, as is so often the case with best friends they are opposites in many ways. Sunny Sunflower is outspoken; Rose-Petal is diplomatic.

Dolls [Unproduced]

There were six more dolls introduced in 1985, but sadly they were never produced for sale.

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • Fuchsia
  • Gladiola
  • Marigold
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Sweet Violet
  • Canterbury Belle

  • Fuchsia is a fashion designer, whose floral creations are the rage in Rose Petal Place.
  • Gladiola is a happy-go-lucky tap dancer with a lot of get-up-and-go.
  • Throwing a party? Call Marigold. She can organise and affair - at a moments notice.
  • Cherry Blossom is the resident interior decorator. She has a real eye for colour and style.
  • Sweet Violet is a southern actress with a star quality and taste for the dramatic.
  • Canterbury Belle is the British baker who's always cooking up scrumptious treats for her friends.

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Rose Petal Place :: Dolls