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"I really skate!"

California Roller Baby was produced by Tyco in 1991 and was a 15 inch doll with battery powered skating action. Her head moved from side to side as she skated.

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California Roller Baby came with a removable leotard and jacket, helmet, knee and elbow protectors,sunglasses, comb and stud earrings. The box also contained matching child-sized sunglasses and clip-on earrings. The doll was produced in both black and white, the black doll being harder to find. All accessories were identical, but the packaging differed (yet to find).

This image is from Sears Christmas catalogue 1992, where she cost $29.99.


These are some of the accessories which came with the doll.


Unfortunately this is the only image I have come across of the black doll's packaging.

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California Roller Baby