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"Magically style straight hair into twirly curls in just minutes!"

Pretty Crazy Curls was produced by Playmates in 1997-98 and comprised of two large poseable dolls, plus a pony and a puppy, all with long styleable hair.

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"Imagine going from straight hair to fabulous curls in minutes! Pretty Crazy Curls makes it happen with just a twist of her magic rollers! Just roll them up... spray them with water from her spritz comb ...voila! Masses of cascading curls! And here's another neat thing..the curlers work on little girls' hair too! Create matching hairstyles! Curls rinse out with water, so you can style endlessly! Pretty Crazy Curls is 14 inches of hair-fashion fun. She comes with everything a budding stylist needs to create thousands of stunning styles... rollers, comb, spritz bottle, plus an array of cool hair accessories that attach to her shimmery outfit! Ages 4 and up. It's Magic! Create a curly look with just a twist of the magic rollers! Little girls' hair can go curly, too! Includes lots of great styling accessories!"

There was two dolls produced, measuring 14 inches. They came with hair rollers, comb, spritz bottle and hair clips.

Her dress was actually a skirt with straps with a leotard underneath. The two waistband decorations turned into hair clips and the netted part of her shoulder trims turned into scrunchies. Her shoes were moulded.

Pet side packaging shows the second doll to be released. This is the only image I have found of her so far.



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Pretty Crazy Curls :: Dolls