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"My makeup appears like magic!"

Li'l Miss were produced by Mattel in 1989-1993. They were a series of large 13" dolls with colour-change features, activated using cold water. There was also a set of smaller 7" Wee Li'l Miss dolls with similar features, fashion outfits and a few playsets for both size dolls. There were lots of other dolls produced around this time which bore a striking resemblance to one another, and are easy to misidentify at first glance.

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Li'l Miss Dolls

There were seven 13" dolls dolls produced and at least six of them were produced as both black and white versions. They were all made using the same head and body mould (except for Li'l Miss Singing Mermaid), with slightly differing colour-change features.


  • Li'l Miss Makeup
  • Li'l Miss Magic Hair
  • Triple Change Li'l Miss Makeup
  • Li'l Miss Dress Up


  • Li'l Miss Singing Mermaid
  • Li'l Miss Magic Jewels


  • Li'l Miss Candi Stripes

Li'l Miss Makeup

"Li'l Miss Makeup doll is the only doll with "makeup" that magically appears and disappears with plain water! The magic is an exclusive colour-change paint that allows the child to darken eyebrows, apply eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and a sweetheart beauty mark just by brushing on ice cold water. Even earrings and delightful fingernail polish appear out of nowhere! Li'l Miss Makeup has lots of beautiful hair to style."

Li'l Miss Makeup sold in Germany had different clothes.

Mattel also re-issued this doll as part of its Classics Collection, which included a few other well loved dolls (I don't know whay year).

Li'l Miss Magic Hair

"She's classy! She's sassy! She's the ultimate in hair play fun! This is a sophisticated, I3" Li'l Miss, and girls will love to discover the secret surprise of her extra long hair! They simply fill the "Magic Touch" hair brush with icy cold water and use it to brush her beautiful hair. SURPRISE! Just like magic, her hair changes to beautiful colours right before their eyes! Warm water changes it back. And for some fashion fun, remove her skirt and she's dressed in a trendy neon body suit. Doll also includes hair pick, brush, and 2 ribbons."

Triple Change Li'l Miss Makeup

"3 times the makeup fun for hours and hours of play! All it takes is water! Whether she's working out, dressed for school, or going to a party, Li'l Miss Makeup doll has a look for every occasion. Mix 'n match her makeup, hair styles, and outfits again and again. It's as easy as I, 2, 3 temperatures! Warm water makes her face look fresh and natural. Cold water adds a light touch of makeup, freckles, earrings, and nail polish. Icy water changes and brightens her makeup to make her look pretty and party perfect! Includes 3 colour change discs that indicate when water temperature is just right for each look. 13" doll also comes with bodysuit, reversible skirt, sweatband/headband with bow, 2 ribbons, shoes, comb, applicator; and instructions. "

Add a touch of makeup with cold water...

  • Pink lipstick
  • Lilac eyeliner
  • Brown eyebrows
  • Plus pink nail polish, freckles & pink earrings too

Use icy water and wow! Look at her now!

  • Red lipstick
  • Turquoise eye shadow
  • Dark brown eyebrows
  • Eyelash mascara
  • Blusher
  • Plus red nail polish, beauty mark, red earrings & blue ones too

Li'l Miss Dress Up

"Change her look! A touch of magic is all it takes! Little girls use special wands filled with warm or icy water to make Li'I Miss Dress Up doll's outfit change colour from pink to blue and back again. The "Magic Touch" wands can be used to create lots of wonderful designs, instantly. It can even make her ponytail change colour too! 13" doll provides hours of pretend play that children will want to repeat again and again. Included with the doll are change-around bows, colour-change outfit, 2 "Magic Touch" wands, design template, and comb."

Li'l Miss Singing Mermaid

"Girls love mermaids, and Li'l Miss Mermaid is the most magical mermaid of all! She comes to life by changing colour and "singing" a mermaid song! This special Li'l Miss doll is the ultimate in glamorous water play. When girls hug her, she sings. When they place her in icy cold water, she changes colour. She wears a beautiful pink crown and has a body covered in sparkly jewels and gleaming pearls. Her ruffly cape and her long curly blonde hair are water repellent and girls will love hearing her sing and making her colour change from blue to yellow and pink, again and again!"

Li'l Miss Magic Jewels

"This magical Li'l Miss Is a royal princess dressed in shimmering pink and silvery gown! She has lots of secret surprises to share. Beautiful 'jewels' magically fasten to her crown, bracelet. dress, shoes, and lovely long hair. 'Jewels' fasten to girl's hair too! More surprise fun includes: Royal crown and bracket become a child-size bracelet and ring. Thirteen-inch Li'I Miss Jewelled Princess doll comes with: 'Magic' wand that dispenses 24 'jewels', shimmering pink fashion, crown/bracelet, bracelet/ring, beautiful ultra-long blonde hair, shoes, and hair comb."

Li'l Miss Candi Stripes

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When you click links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Google AdSense.
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