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Ewoks were produced by Kenner and were bear like creatures featured in the Star Wars film Return of The Jedi. There were poseable figures, playsets and several plush toys. A spin off cartoon series (lasting two seasons), centering the character Wicket, spawned figures of its own as well as accessories, books and playsets. Both the film and TV toys are features here for comparison as they were very different.

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"Now, the Rebel Forces' most loveable allies are a child's best friends. The Deluxe Ewok Plush Collection are replicas of those roly-poly creatures from Endor. Each one of them is a huggable 14" tall and comes with his or her very own removable cloak.
There are six Woklings. They are 8" tall and soft and cuddly, but also durable enough to share a child's playtime escapades day after day after day."

There were four large Ewoks and six Woklings (baby Ewoks) prduced. There was also one adult Ewok who never made it to the shops.

Plush Ewoks

There were four plush Ewoks produced. Wicket and Princess Kneesaa were released fisr, followed by Letara and Paploo later on.

Princess Kneesaa Letara Paploo Wicket W Warrick

Plush Woklings

There were six Woklings produced. Leeni, Mookiee, Nippet and Wiley were produced first, followed by Gwig and Malani later on.

Gwig Leeni Malani

Mookiee Nippet Wiley

Unproduced Plush Ewoks

"New, 18" tall Zephee comes with a removable pouch, so she can carry her Woklings on her back or front."

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Ewoks :: Plush