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Flower Princess dolls were produced by Creata from 1982-89 and were distributed by Telitoy in the UK. They were a set of 11-1/2 inch fashion dolls which were released wearing various different outfits. There was also several fashion outfits and playsets.

In Italy they were sold as part of the Tanya line, under the name "Principessa Dei Fiori" by Ceppi Ratti. All dolls and outfits were different from the Creata line.

Images on this page thanks to various eBay sellers including thetoyshophop, den268, julsdollsa and collins6389!

Ballerina Dolls

There were at least four different sets of ballerina dolls produced:

  • Ballerina Collection
  • Prima Ballerina Collection
  • Twirl 'N Turn Ballerina
  • Soft & Shimmer Ballerina

Ballerina Collection [1983 - no.1005]

"Once upon a time, in a magical flower fairytale land, there lived the three most beautiful ballerinas."

Laurelle on the left is the common one, but I've also found a possible variation (need to find more like this to confirm).

Leanna was produced as both a white and a black doll. The black version wore Laurelle's costume.

Lisette had light purple hair.

Prima Ballerina Collection [1985 - no.1024]

"Extra long hair and removeable crown!"

The crown was reused by Tonka, for the Keypers "Baby Glitter" pony.

Laurelle Leanna Lisette

Soft & Shimmer Ballerina [no.1045 - 1987]

"Quick change ruffle gives her the right look for evey dance!"

Twirl 'N Turn Ballerina [no.1051]

"She moves like a real ballerina!"

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Flower Princess :: Ballerina Dolls