Flower Princess :: Original Dolls

Flower Princess dolls were produced by Creata from 1982-89 and were distributed by Telitoy in the UK. They were a set of 11-1/2 inch fashion dolls which were released wearing various different outfits. There was also several fashion outfits and playsets.

In Italy they were sold as part of the Tanya line, under the name "Principessa Dei Fiori" by Ceppi Ratti. All dolls and outfits were different from the Creata line.

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Original Dolls

The original set included three characters, with a black variation of one. These three characters went on to make up most of the further sets.

Flower Princess Collection [1982 - no.1000]

"Royal elegance with the magical touch of a flower fairyland."

Laurelle Lisette

Leanna was produced as both a white and a black doll.

Leanna Leanna

Flower Princess Collection with Fashion Fragrance Skin [1982 - no.1000]

"Mmm. She smells pretty!"

The three characters were released again with a fragrance and new outfits. The packaging doesn't appear to have changed much.

[no image]
Laurelle Leanna Lisette

i've also found pink packaging, but the doll within seems to be unchanged.

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Flower Princess :: Original Dolls