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Flower Princess dolls were produced by Creata from 1982-89 and were distributed by Telitoy in the UK. They were a set of 11-1/2 inch fashion dolls which were released wearing various different outfits. There was also several fashion outfits and playsets.

In Italy they were sold as part of the Tanya line, under the name "Principessa Dei Fiori" by Ceppi Ratti. All dolls and outfits were different from the Creata line.

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Other Dolls

There were several other sets of dolls produced.

  • Starry-Eyed Bride
  • Fancy Fashion Gift Set
  • Sparkle Dance Set
  • Instant Fashion Changes Collection
  • Growin Pretty

Starry-Eyed Bride [no.1000 - 1983 & 1985]

"Once upon a time, in a wonderful Flower Fairytale Land, three beautiful young princesses dreamed they were _ radiant brides in the Kingdom. Their beauty was so magical that when they smiled their eyes sparkled like precious jewels."

The 1983 release of Laurelle and Lisette had slightly open mouths, whereas the 1985 releases had closed mouths. Their dresses were also slightly different. Leanna was released as both black and white, but otherwise unchanged. I don't know if she changed slightly in the 1985 release as yet.

The heads were reused by Tonka for their Aurora dolls, with different coloured hair.

Laurelle - 1983 Laurelle - 1985

Lisette - 1983 Lisette - 1985

Leanna - White Doll Leanna - Black Doll

Fancy Fashion Gift Set [no.1015, Woolworth]

Sparkle Dance Set [no.1018]

Instant Fashion Changes Collection [1985 - no.1030 & 198? - no.1046]

"Create many hairstyles and fashions instantly!"

These were released twice, with the second release varing in fashion, accessories and packaging.

Laurelle v.1 Laurelle v.2

Leanna v.1 Leanna v.2

[no image]
Lisette v.1 Lisette v.2

Accessories v.1 Accessories v.2

Back v.1 Back v.2

Growin Pretty [1989 - no.1052]

"More fashion-fun with real flowers you grow!"

These three dolls had different names.

[no image] [no image]
Amber Pattie Skye

Stardust [no.1040]

"Long, flower-frosted hair!"

I've only found one of these dolls so far.

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Flower Princess :: Other Dolls