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Flower Princess dolls were produced by Creata from 1982-89 and were distributed by Telitoy in the UK. They were a set of 11-1/2 inch fashion dolls which were released wearing various different outfits. There was also several fashion outfits and playsets.

In Italy they were sold as part of the Tanya line, under the name "Principessa Dei Fiori" by Ceppi Ratti. All dolls and outfits were different from the Creata line.

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Playsets ~ Animals

There were three playsets produced with either a horse, unicorn or pegasus.

  • Fairytale Carriage and Regent Horse
  • Galaxy Pegasus
  • Flower Princess & Rainbow Unicorn

Fairytale Carriage and Regent

Galaxy Pegasus

The pink parts of Galaxy's pink and purple hair can fade to yellow/white over time (as shown below).

Flower Princess & Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow's multi-coloured hair can fade over time.


There were a few different furniture playsets produced too.

  • Carry & Play Gazebo
  • Magic Armoire
  • Fairytale Dream Bed
  • Dining Table (unsure of exact name)
  • Fairytale Dresser
  • Royal Crest China Cabinet

Carry & Play Gazebo

"Garden Gazebo for outdoor fun. Fancy dressing room and closet. A pretend boutique store. Handy carry case."

Magic Armoire

"Magically shows dozens of play situations and weather predictions!"

Fairytale Dream Bed

"You can really see these fairytale dreams and more!"

Dining Table

"When it's time for dinner, everyone dines elegantly. Goblets, knives and forks fit easily into the Princesses hands. Everyone is seated on velvet-cushioned chairs at the lavishly-large fancy table, complete with lace cloth and golden candelabras."

This is the only Italian playset I have come across as yet, unchanged from the Creata version.

Fairytale Dresser

"Fairytale images appear and dissappear!"

Royal Crest China Cabinet

For Sale

Flower Princess :: Playsets