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"The more you play with me, the more I do!"

Furby were produced by Tiger Electronics from 1998 to 2002. They were a line of furry, interactive electronic creatures which looked a bit like owls and were the "must-have toy" of Christmas 1998.
Hasbro re-designed the line in 2005-2007 but without any great success, and then again in 2012.

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McDonalds Furby's ~ 1999

There were eighty McDonald's Happy Meals toys produced by Tiger in 1999. There were eight different designs and ten colour variations of each set.

Style 1 ~ blinks when tail pressed

Style 2 ~ ears and feet move up and down (wheel underneath)

Style 3 ~ walks forwards when pulled back (wheels underneath)

Style 4 ~ eyes, beak and ears moved when feet pushed

Style 5 ~ meows when turned upside down

Style 6 ~ ears cover eyes when tail pushed

Style 7 ~ squeaks when tail pushed

Style 8 ~ eyes move left and right when ball on back rolled

McDonalds Furby's ~ 2000

There were twelve soft, keychain Furby's produced by Tiger for McDonald's Happy Meals in 2000.

Tiger Owl Raccoon Monkey

Elephant Cow Giraffe Fox

Tree Frog Diamondback Snake Lamb Dinosaur

McDonalds Furby's ~ 2001

McDonald's produced eight electronic Happy Meal toys in 2001. There were four Furby's and four Shelby's. If they were put together face to face with thier feet touching they would sing a tune, and when a button on their belly or side was pushed would speak Furbish.


King Queen Rockstar Grungee Rockstar Spicee


Lemon Melon

Moon Midnight

McDonalds Furby's ~ 2001 [Techno Toy Action Series]

Tiger produced a mixed set of nine toys for McDonalds Happy Meals "Techno Toy Action" collection in 2001, which included one Furby and one Sheldon toy along with Blue Toy Vehicle, Aquaroid Fish, Dino-Chi, Poo-Chi, Red Toy Vehicle, Jelly Fish & Chibi-Botto.

When you pushed Furby's hat down it played a short tune, and Shelby sang when tipped.

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Furby :: McDonalds