Dream Girl

Dream Girl were produced by Toy Things (aka Toys 'n Things) in 2000-02. The company released several sets of scented (and non-scented) dolls from 1991 to 1995, when Strawberry Shortcake was re-issued, and then again in 2000. In fact, the dolls were so similar to SSC that they often get mistaken for them now.

There are also a few as yet unknown TNT dolls, maybe you can help identify them?

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Dream Girl

I've found three different lines from the Dream Girl series. Each set came with various little accessories. The dolls have two different face styles from earlier TNT dolls and are marked "2000 TT" (TT standing for Toy Things as they dropped the 'n).

Left to right on the Sweet Scents back packaging below shows:

  • Little Curlz
  • Sweet Scents
  • Glamour Curlz

Dream Girls

Sweet Scents

It looks like there were at least eight different Sweet Scents dolls produced under the Dream Girls name, all flower scented and came with a selection of small garden themed accessories. They were sold in twos, threes and maybe also individually.

This is the only set to use this particualr face style (number 3, see Unknown Dolls for more details on the face styles).

These two dolls were sold together:

Dream GirlsDream Girls

Dream Girls

These three dolls were all sold together (note the lace on the bottoms of their dresses):

I've also found these three dolls:

Dream GirlsDream GirlsDream Girls

There was also a set of four floral scented dolls released just before these dolls, but not under the Dream Girl title.

Little Curlz

The Little Curlz set came with three long, ringletted haired dolls and an assortment of tea party/teddy bear's picnic themed accessories. These three dolls have face style 2 (see Unknown Dolls for more details on the face styles). At least one of these three dolls was also sold seperatly, with very slightly different accessories, and they were also sold in pairs.

This set came with:

  • 3 Bears
  • 2 tables with table cloths
  • 2 pairs of shoes (extra?)
  • Tea set
  • Two trays
  • Three peices of cake
  • Three hairclips

Dream Girls

This set came with (that I can see):

  • 1 Bear
  • Picnic Basket with plate and food
  • 2 tea cups
  • Hair brush
  • 2 Hair clips

This set came with (that I can see):

  • 1 Bear
  • Picnic table with bread and cup
  • Pink bag
  • 2 hair clips
  • Bruch

Dream GirlsDream Girls

Glamour Curlz

Glamour Curlz dolls had long, ringletted hair and came an assortment of beauty themed accessories plus a bear. These dolls have face style 2 (see Unknown Dolls for more details on the face styles).

These three dolls were sold together with the accessories shown above.

Dream Girls

This doll was sold on her own.

Dream Girls

Was this doll also part of this set?

Dream Girls

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Dream Girl