Lil Lollypops / Sweetie Pops

"The Sweetest Girl In Town!"

Lil Lollypops and Sweetie Pops (plus others) are names for the same set of dolls, depending on what country they were released in. They were a series of six scented dolls, very similar to Strawberry Shortcake, produced in the early 1980's. Lil Lollypops were produced by Dynatoy for the Canadian market, but they were also sold in the US without any manufacturers marks on the packaging (but may have been made by AG Toys). Daisy Dolls and Sweetie Pops have no marks either. Just to confuse things even more, there is a totally unrelated series of dolls also called Sweetie Pops produced by Playskool in 1986.

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Scented Dolls

"A Girls Best Friend!"

There were six dolls produced, no matter what company produced them. Each doll came with a hat, dress, tights and shoes and were scented like their names.

Below is a list of the names for each doll in the three guises they came in, plus packaging images for comparison.

Lil Lollypops
  • Cherry Cherry Pop
  • Chocca-Lotta Pop
  • Luscious Lemon Pop
  • Merry Blueberry Pop
  • Sweet Orange Pop
  • Tutie Frutie Cutie Pop
Daisy/Susy Dolls
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Luscious Lemon
  • Merry Blueberry
  • Sweet Orange
  • Tutie Frutie Cutie
Sweetie Pops
  • Cherry Pop
  • Chocolate Pop
  • Lemon Pop
  • Blueberry Pop
  • Orange Pop
  • Tutie Frutie Pop

Cherry Cherry Pop
Cherry Pop

Chocca-Lotta Pop
Chocolate Pop

Luscious Lemon Pop
Luscious Lemon
Lemon Pop

Merry Blueberry Pop
Merry Blueberry
Blueberry Pop

Sweet Orange Pop
Sweet Orange
Orange Pop

Tutie Frutie Cutie Pop
Tutie Frutie Cutie
Tutie Frutie Pop


Lil Lollypops - Front and Back Daisy - Front and Back Sweetie Pops - Front and Back

Packaging Side 1

Lil Lollypops Daisy Dolls Sweetie Pops

Lil Lollypops Daisy Dolls Sweetie Pops

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Lil Lollypops / Sweetie Pops