Lost 'n Founds :: Plush

"Really drinks! Really cries!"

Lost 'n Founds were produced by Galoob in 1989-1990. They were a set of plush animals measuring 11 inches high. They cried real tears when fed from their bottle and made crying sounds when cuddled.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK, US: Lost 'n Founds
  • France: Peluches Tendresse
  • Italy: Lucciconi, cerca Affetto

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"In this big world of ours, there are little baby animals who are lost and alone, wandering about in search of a home. "I'm lost. I'm hungry," they say. "I need a warm place to sleep!" One of them might be walking through your neighbourhood right now, peeking in windows and looking for a place to live.
In one house, a boy and girl, playing on the rug look up at their window. "Oh look, Mom! A little baby animal! Can we take it in?" They spend many hours cradling the new baby in their arms, talking softly to it, and feeding it water from a bottle. The little baby is so happy to be safe and warm, tears well up in its big, so-sad eyes. So keep your eyes open. And if you ever find a little Lots 'n Founds, remember to feed it, keep it warm - and most of all, love it!"

Lost 'n Founds each came with a bottle and bib. Their mouths had a hole so they could be fed from their bottle. Their eyes had holes for the tears to come out when they were hugged (belly's squeezed). Their eyes were made from a reflective material and looked really sad!

Ther were a few name differences between countries. In the UK Honey Bunny was called Fuzzz Bunny, and Fuzzy Bunny was called Hare. UK's Hound Dog was called Found Hound in Europe.

There were at least twelve different Lost 'n Found characters.

Cuddly Koala Cutey Chimp Dandy Panda

Fuzzy Bunny [US]
Hare [UK]
Honey Rabbit [US]
Fuzzz Bunny [UK]
Hound Dog [UK]
Found Hound [Euro]

Muffy Mouse Little Lamb Lovable Lion

Playful Puppy Baby Beagle Pretty Kitty


Depending on the country of sale, the name on the bibs varied.


It's hard to say if all twelve characters were sold in US/UK/Europe as the back packaging has different characters and amounts shown.

US packaging had eight characters on the back (no hound, beagle, mouse or hare).

UK packaging had just five characters on the back.

French packaging had ten characters on the back (no Playful Puppy or Cutey Chimp).


These images are from the 1989 Galoob catalogue.

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Lost 'n Founds :: Plush