Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre [May 2018]

We popped down to the Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre last bank holiday weekend as it was a lovely morning and thought we’d get there before it got too busy.

I’ve always loved photographing the animals down there but it has got increasingly hard to get clear shots of the birds and goats as there are so many wire fences caging the animals in now. I got a few good ones of the pigs, which are in a more open (and muddy) environment. There were no ducks in the pond this year, just in the side cages, which was a shame.

Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre is run by the Salvation Army, who have owned and farmed the 900 acres of land which surround Hadleigh Castle for over a hundred years. It’s a fantastic place to visit, and you can find out more here www.hadleighfarm.co.uk.