St Mary’s Church, Old Dilton & Westbury Cemetery, Wiltshire

On the trail of ancestors, mum and I visited St Mary’s Church in Old Dilton (aka Dilton Marsh, near Wesbury in Wiltshire) where some of our ancestors lived in the 1700’s. We fount a large tomb dedicated to the branch we were looking for, the Hill’s, but was hard to read much of it.

The fourteenth century church lies on one of the many walking routes to the Westbury White Horse. The interior of the church is much like it would have been for my ancestors, with eighteenth century plain, bleached box pews and even some medieval benches. A back room contains a fireplace, which was once used as a schoolroom. I wonder if my 4th Great Grandfather was taught in there?

Out from St Mary’s, mum and I took a visit to Westbury Cemetery or Bratton Road where several members of our Elkins line are buried. There is also a good view of the Westbury White Horse from there. I took a few photos of the Ludlow and Phipps mausoleums, both late 19th century listed buildings.