Skull Badges

I bought some “Happy Birthday” skull wrapping paper to wrap a present with last week and found it was perfect for these 25mm button badges too. Bonus! As well as the white skulls, there are also silver outlines of skulls.

Mixed Floral Badges

I found some great double-sided wrapping paper a while ago which lent itself perfectly to badge making. I’ve made some large 45mm badges from the front, layered with glitter and flower confetti, then trios of little button badges using both the front and back of the paper.

Angelina Fibre Badges

Another experiment in badge making! I made these using Angelina fibre, which I ironed into a flat sheet with punched hears, star or flower confetti and glitter sprinkled in it. The pink ones have the fibres layered over the top of shimmery paper, which peeps through. The dark ones have the fibre layered over shimmery black paper or dark hologram paper, with tiny star glitter, and hearts and star confetti.

Chinese Floral Badges

I had some lovely little squares of floral Chinese paper stashed away for several years, and when I bought my badge machine I realised it would be perfect for button badges. Every badge is unique due to the size of the paper, and has glittery gold detailing. They look nice in sets of three, but could also be worn individually.

Bold Floral Badges

This lovely bright, bold floral wrapping paper was designed by Linda Barker (of Changing Rooms, remember that?). It’s just one small piece and was a bit more expensive than I would usually go for, but has made some lovely badges. Some I have made just plain, whilst others I have added a layer of black netting with various sequins and glitter underneath.

Sparkly Badges

These are some of the first badges I made with my machine, many of which sold at my last craft fair. I used various materials, such as punched shapes, glittery and holographic paper, sequins waste, netting and confetti. They were great fun to make!