Special Blessings

"Special Blessings can kneel beside you when you say your nighttime prayers."

Special Blessings were produced by Kenner in 1988. They were 15 inch cloth dolls with plastic heads and brushable hair. They also had the ability to kneel and clasp their hands in prayer. The dolls had mixed reactions with religious groups in America, some of which liked the idea, whilst others thought it diminished the importance of religion.

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There were five Special Blessings dolls produced (Maria was released later then the other four). Each came with a small booklet of poems and a saying on their removable clothing.

Abigail Angela Christina

Matthew Maria

"There is no better way for a child to learn than with the help of a friend and companion. Through the efforts of the very successful team of Kenner and American Greetings, children now have a friend who can help them learn about positive values through fun and friendship. These friends are called Special Blessings. Christina, Abigail, Angela, and Matthew all help reinforce the values that are important to both parents and children. Special Blessings is a reflection of the return to the traditional values seen throughout people’s lives everywhere."

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Abigail's Blessing

I love to brighten someone's day,
dear Lord, I don't like frowns,
it only takes a little hope
to turn them upside down.

Angela's Blessing

I asked for a special blessing, Lord,
the nicest you could find,
how sweet of you to give to me,
the blessing to be kind.

I love to share my kindness, God,
with every living creature,
I'd like to care for all of them
-please would you be my teacher?

Cuddly bunnies, fluffy pups,
all animals that roam,
I promise, Lord, to love them all,
and try to find them homes.

Christina's Blessing

Of all the special blessings, God,
you've sent from up above,
I'm glad that you have blessed my heart,
with lots and lots of love.

I love your gifts of nature, Lord,
all creatures big and small,
and even though your earth's so big,
I'll try to love them all.

There's puppies, kittens, little lambs,
and friends who need love, too,
with all the love God blessed me with,
there's plenty left for you!

Maria's Blessing

"Thank you, Lord, for blessing me
with faith so strong and true,
now every day brings joy my way
because I trust in you.

The thing that makes me happiest
is knowing, Lord, you care,
no matter what I say or do.
I'm glad you're always there.

Asleep, awake and having fun,
or playing with my friends,
my faith is in your love, dear Lord,
for your love never ends."

Matthew's Blessing

"I have the greatest blessings, Lord,
'thought just a little boy,
it makes me glow from head to toe,
I'm blessed with tons of joy.

When I'm playing baseball, God,
I'm happiest of all,
I'll show you how I swing my bat,
if you can pitch the ball.

I'm spreading joy both near and far,
Dear Lord, I'm having fun,
I only hope I have enough,
to give to everyone.


Doll & Clothes Sewing Patterns

I've found two sewing patterns for dolls with clothes for Matthew (single), Abigail and Christina (pair).

Abigail & Christina Matthew

For Sale

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Special Blessings