Research Booklet ~ The History of Bramble Hall, Daws Heath, Essex

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Bramble Hall once stood in the uppermost northeast of the parish of Hadleigh, with its farmland extending just over the border to the west into Thundersely, next to Daws Heath village. Its land was surrounded to the east and south by Hadleigh Great Wood, just north stood Garrolds Farm at the very top of the parish, and the farmland to the west abutted Haresland Farm.

Rumours have abounded for many years as to the age, origin and status of Bramble Hall, with many believing it to date back to the early 15th century and part of the ancient Manor of Hadleigh with its many royal connections. How do these stories hold up under further scrutiny and who were its owners and occupants?


If you would like to learn more about the history of Bramble Hall you can find it all in my research booklet available to buy from my shop here.

This A5 booklet contains 36 pages of fascinating information on each of the owners and occupiers of the farmland and house from the 17th-century onwards, plus a detailed look at the myths and rumours surrounding its origins. It also includes contents and index pages and several illustrations, photographs, maps and newspaper articles. A mixture of history and genealogy, this booklet is a must for anyone with a connection to Daws Heath and Hadleigh, or who simply enjoy a lovely walk through the woods!


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