Cherry Merry Muffin :: Unproduced

"Sweet smelling world of muffin magic!"

Cherry Merry Muffin were produced in 1988-1990 by Mattel and were 6.5 inches high dolls, scented like their names (like Strawberry Shortcake). Along with the dolls and their accessories, there were also playsets, fashion wear and miniatures made.

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Unproduced Playsets

There was one playset featured in the 1990 Mattel catalogue, and also on some back packaging, which never made it into the shops.

Milkshake Magic Blender

"Mixes yummy ice cream treats for girls, transforms into an Ice Cream Shop plyset for Cherry Merry Muffin dolls! Blender mixes malts, shakes, or exciting ice cream drinks. Straw holder becomes a doll-size table, and plastic glasses become 4 doll-size chairs. Also includes: Baskin-Robbins Hot Fudge Topping, Baskin-Robbins recipe card, 2 play cupcakes, 4 placemats, and coupon for $1.00 off a quart of handpicked Baskin-Robbins ice cream."

This is the illustration included on the Sundae Slumber set from 1990 (see Fashions), which also included the series 3 dolls. A sticker at the bottom stated that the blender, table and heart-shaped cups were not available (boo!).

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