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"Cupcakes hide inside 'til it's time to surprise!"

Cupcakes were produced by Tonka in 1990 then by Kenner from 1991-92. They were a series of scented dolls with plastic skirts which when turned inside out transformed into edible goodies with their hats becoming the icing. Along with the dolls there were several playsets and accessories produced too.
Cupcakes had a small revival in 1998 when Fun Source re-issued a few of the dolls. They were produced by Radica in 2005, Estrela in 2012-15 and Emco in 2015.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Cupcakes
  • Italy: Le Sorpresine (Surprises)

Images on this page thanks to Nhtpirate or found on eBay, with thanks to various sellers including hkfatpig-Dollhouse-eStore!

Cutie Fruti

"Cutie Fruti Cupcakes are a special batch of cupcakes who love to bake sweet fruity treats for all their friends in Cupcakeland. Cutie Fruti Cupcakes have fluffy whipped cream hats decorated with their favourite fruits and bright frilly dresses. Their long hair has a fruit coloured streak that is perfect for combing."

Cutie Fruti dolls had silky skirts with lace ruffles and whipped cream hats decorated with fruit to match each dolls name. They also had a coloured streak in their hair.

Beri Blue Cherry Chip Grape Suzette Suzana'nana

Beri Blue Cherry Chip Grape Suzette Suzana'nana

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Cupcakes :: Cutie Fruti