Cupcakes :: Re-Issues ~ Radica (2005)

"Cupcakes hide inside 'til it's time to surprise!"

Cupcakes were produced by Tonka in 1990 then by Kenner from 1991-92. They were a series of scented dolls with plastic skirts which when turned inside out transformed into edible goodies with their hats becoming the icing. Along with the dolls there were several playsets and accessories produced too.
Cupcakes had a small revival in 1998 when Fun Source re-issued a few of the dolls. They were produced by Radica in 2005, Estrela in 2012-15 and Emco in 2015.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Cupcakes
  • Italy: Le Sorpresine (Surprises)

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Re-issued Dolls ~ Radica (2005)

"Cupcakes are magical friends with sweet surprises. We stay in our cupcake shells till it’s time for a surprise. We all have sweet scents, just like our names and personalities. We each come with our own matching charm for you to wear, a brush, and an icing hat. Cupcakeland is a magical charming place that is filled with sweet friendships and tons of fun. You also get a DVD to show you all about Cupcakeland and our friends."

Radica produced six dolls which were similar in design to the original dolls. Their faces were slightly different as were their clothes. They each came with a comb, charm and an animated DVD (they

"Look at all the cool things I come with. You get a brush to comb my hair, my Icing Hat to make me look pretty, and a beautiful matching charm like mine for you to wear. To transform me from a cupcake into a beautiful girl, first take off my Icing Hat, then unfold my shell and out I come to be your magical friend."

These three dolls were based on the Candy Sprinkle set. Two dolls used names from the original set whereas Cotton Candy was a new name.

  • Hi, my name is Cotton Candy! I am the sweetest girl you will ever meet. I just love to spend time with my friends and eat sweets, ice cream, cookies and cake. I always try to make sure people are having a good time and that they are happy.
  • Hi, my name is Minty Mindy! I am very polite and I have fantastic manners. I love to sing sweet songs and have tea and cake parties on beautiful afternoons. I just love sipping sugar tea, and eating sweets while talking with my friends in fields full of buttercups and candy corn. Sometimes my friends get a little silly, so I have to keep them behaving like little ladies. Before going anywhere, I make sure my hair is combed nicely, and that my dress and makeup look good.
  • Hi, my name is Taffy Tammy! I am so silly, I just love to laugh and giggle all day long. My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my friends and tell jokes and silly stories. I sometimes giggle so much it hurts, but I just can’t help it, everything is just so funny.
Cotton Candy Minty Mindy Taffy Tammy

These three dolls were based upon the Cutie Fruti set. Two dolls used names from the original set whereas Blueberry Bell's name was slightly different from here corrisponding doll (Beri Blue).

  • Hi, my name is Blueberry Bell! I just love to hang out with my friends and meet new people. I am very optimistic and outgoing. I often go on many adventures because I am so full of energy. It is always exciting to make new friends.
  • Hi, my name is Cherry Chip! Sometimes I can be a little clumsy or forgetful, but I never forget about my friends. I care for them so much. They can always count on me to be there when they are happy or sad or need help or just want a friend. I put my heart into everything I do, even if it doesn’t come out perfectly!
  • Hi, my name is Grape Suzette! I just love to have fun and explore. I am lots of fun, very active and fearless. I love to play with my friends and I really love to dance and swirl around the bakery.
Blueberry Bell Cherry Chip Grape Suzette

These two sets were due for release in 2006 but I don't think they ever were.

Swirl Girls Unknown Set

Re-issued Playsets ~ Radica

Radica produced two playsets, both based on original Tonka playsets. They were made using different moulds and colours and updated with electronic sounds. They each both came with an animated DVD.

Ice Cream Sundae Vanity

" Ice Cream Sundae Vanity changes from an ice cream sundae into a beauty vanity. It comes complete with a lighted vanity mirror, magical hair dryer, sink and perfume sounds, music to get ready to, and a charm to share with your Cupcake. You can decorate your Cupcake with a completely new outfit, matching hand bag, hair clips, and other accessories to make her look beautiful with the Ice Cream Sundae Vanity."

  • 6 Working Vanity Lights.
  • Remove Perfume Bottle to hear perfume spray.
  • Press Button to Hear Faucet / Taps.
  • Remove Hair Dryer to Turn on.

Tea Party Cake

"Tea Party Cake changes from a cake into a tea party. Your Cupcake can host a party for her friends. It comes complete with a table and parasol, working tea pot and sugar bowl sounds, cake and ice cream, party accessories for your Cupcake and friends and music and lights for you to drink tea to."

  • Remove the Tea Pot to hear the tea being poured. Place back on the warming plate to turn off.
  • When the parasol is lifted, lights and music will turn on.
  • Remove the Sugar Bowl to hear the sugar being poured. Place back on the sugar plate to turn off.

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Cupcakes :: Re-releases (Radica 2005)